water damage repair Hartford County, CT

Complete Water Abatement and Restoration in Hartford count, Farmington Valley, Hartford, and Collinsville, CT

Pipe leaks and floods happen. It's how we handle the aftermath that's important. The sooner you get an expert in to assess the damage, the better chance you have of salvaging property and furniture. Excess water from a broken water line, failed sump pump, or flood can not only cause immediate damage to your home, but also lead to continued rot and mold growth, worsening the longer it is left untreated.

In addition to fast water removal services, you can count on the experts at Summit Restoration of Hartford county and Collinsville, CT to perform a complete dry-out of your home including wall and floor drying, strategic dehumidifier placement, and more.

Reliable Water Damage Remediation

Don't wait any longer than you have to. The faster your home receives help, the more damage can be prevented. At the first sign of trouble, give our water damage restoration specialists a call at 860-693-9411 to schedule service in Hartford county, Farmington Valley, and Collinsville, CT. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to get the job done right.